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We offer a wide variety of services to ensure you get the best and most effective treatment to ensure your successful recovery.

Manual Adjustments


A manual adjustment is a quick gentle force placed into the spine utilized to specifically move a vertebra into normal alignment.




Activator: The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a chiropractic treatment method and device created by Arlan Fuhr as an alternative to manual manipulation of the spine or extremity joints.  To make things a little simpler- activator is a form of spinal manipulation using an instrument.




X-rays: A practice to rule out pathology (such as a possible tumor or fracture) and/or to aid in determining where to adjust the spine via x-ray imaging.




Ultrasound: Therapeutic ultrasound is a form of deep heat therapy created by sound waves. When applied to soft tissues and joints, the sound waves are a form of micro-massage that help reduce swelling, increase blood flow, and decrease pain, stiffness, and spasms.


Interferential Electrotherapy: Interferential electro-therapy is a therapeutic treatment to aid in the relief of pain and the promotion of soft tissue healing. Tiny amounts of electrical impulses are induced into the tissues in the vicinity of the injury.


Hot/cold Therapy: Ice and heat have long been used to treat many painful conditions. Ice therapy is often used to reduce swelling and help control pain immediately after an injury. Heat therapy is used to relax the muscles, increase circulation, and can provide relief to patients with chronic pain. Depending on the patient's condition, a combination of ice and heat can be used.


Intersegmental Mobility: a means of inducing passive motion into your spine for the purpose of increasing mobility and stretching spinal joints.






Stretching: Following an injury, therapeutic stretching is an important way to prevent scar tissue from forming. Even after the injury has healed, maintaining a regular stretching program helps keep tissues flexible, increases mobility, and protects you from new injuries. As with exercise, your chiropractor will instruct you on proper stretching techniques and will supervise you until you are comfortable enough to do them on your own.


Strengthening and Conditioning


Trigger Point Therapy



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