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Healing the body from the inside out!
We Listen



You read that right!  We like to consider ourselves great listeners. We believe that better leaders are better listeners. That's why we strive to be consistent and always maintain a listening ear. You are always our priority!



We strive to ensure every visit is personalized to meet your specific needs.  You won’t get any fluff here, as our goal is to give you the treatment you need.  No more, no less.

Family Atmosphere



As soon as you walk in the door, you are treated as family.  Between the comaraderie amongst our staff and the relationships we create with our patients, you will never feel like you are just a number.



$60 for 3 Adjustments




Package deal is eligible to any child, 15 years old or under, with a parent who is actively receiving treatment at Huntersville Family Chiropractic.  Upon termination of treatment of the child's parent/guardian-- the cost per adjustment will resume it's usual rate of $45.

Huntersville Chiropractor
Huntersville Family Chiropractic is under New Ownership as of October 2014!!
CEO & Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
Dr. Taknicia Taylor


Dr. Taylor graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in July of 2013.  She fully believes that the body has the ability to heal it’s self. Although, diet, exercise, and sleep contribute to the body’s overall health, the most important is that your nervous system is free from interference cause by spinal misalignments.  Routine chiropractic care is the only way to make sure your nervous system can be expressed to it’s full potential and thus allowing for a happier, healthier life.

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